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Generating Qualified B2B Leads And Meetings – Nothing Less


Are you struggling to generate a consistent flow of qualified leads? Finding it difficult to make an impact with your current marketing activities?

This is where Leadbuildr can help

Using highly targeted offline and online prospecting activities we book meetings with your ideal clients.

Through a combination of direct mail, email marketing, LinkedIn outreach, social media marketing and cold calling, we provide your business with a consistent and predictable stream of new leads.


Our Guarantees

Every lead you receive will be exclusive. We do not share the same lead with any other company.

You will receive leads in your Inbox within an hour of their generation.

We will replace the leads free of cost if you find the leads unqualified.

 Based on over a decade of helping professional service firms grow, Leadbuildr guarantees leads and meetings with your ideal clients, every single month.

How Leadbuildr Works

Here is a brief overview of how we work and the deliverables you can expect.


This pre-prospecting strategy session (conducted in person or via Skype/Zoom) enables us to better understand your target decision maker in terms of demographics (revenue size, geographic location, vertical, etc) and psychographics (activities, interests, and motivations).

These insights will ensure any client prospecting collateral and outreach activity can ‘cut through the noise’ and get your prospects’ attention.

We will then agree on the best client prospecting activities Leadbuildr will implement over the coming weeks and months.


Based on the information you have provided we then devise suitable prospecting collateral. This is typically cold email campaigns, LinkedIn outreach messages and social media marketing.

For more high value and/or hard to reach prospects, we may invest our resources and time in additional outreach activities such as direct mail, cold calling etc.


Here’s where we get to work! Over the next 30 days and beyond we implement an on-going outreach campaign to help generate leads and meetings with your prospects.

Once a decision maker has shown interest in discussing your services further, we book a meeting in your calendar and/or email you their details so you can follow up as soon as possible.

In addition, we also arrange monthly meetings to discuss campaign progress, and if applicable advise on any necessary adjustments to your lead generation campaigns.


Our fees start from £895 per month, which the guarantee of up to 20 leads/meetings a month.

Please note that prices may vary depending on the complexity of your business proposition, access to key decision makers, and therefore the extra investment in marketing activities employed to ensure we generate qualified prospects for your business.

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